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Irvington Towel Range

Britain was one of the first countries in the world to experience the industrial revolution, no-where was this more evident than the textile industry. The climate of the north west of England with its plentiful water supply supported the canal systems which lead to the port of Liverpool and so the Lancashire textile boom began, and the Irvington, Osman and Honeycomb brands were born!
The Chortex brand originates from a local textile company in the Lancashire town of Chorley, which is only a few miles from our new location. The Chortex name has been linked with quality linens for nearly 40 years and the brand continues to grow in popularity.
Indulge yourself in one of our many bath linen collections; Chortex have something to suit all tastes..... classic, contemporary, high - fashion, pure luxury .....but over - all outstanding quality.

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